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Please note:  We have sold all of our excess stock from the 2010 season,
excepting a few cockerals.
Fertile eggs will be available from late August onwards
& chicks from late November/early December 2011

Araucana  - Large: White, Black, Lavender, Blue & Splash
- Bantam: Lavender, Black & Blue  

The Araucana is originally from South America. Because of its unusual trait of laying BLUE/GREEN eggs, it is also know as the ‘Easter Egg Chicken’!

The Araucana is a very hardy fowl, It comes in a range of colours & is an good forager & their egg laying ability is excellent.

They are a wonderful addition to any flock with  the hens tending to be very docile and are very pretty wandering around the garden.

If you would like more information,  click here to go to the Araucana page.

Brahma - Light, Buff & Gold (Partridge)

The Brahma originated from India & China. It is quite rare in Australia, although slowly making a come back.

The Brahma is a very docile large bird, which will forage happily in a free-range situation and lays cream to brown eggs. 

They, like the cochins are quiet, gentle giants that are a pleasure to have around.

The Brahma is quite hardy even in colder regions.

We breed the Light, as seen here, Buff columbian & Gold.

If you would like more information,  click here to go to the Brahma page.

Cochins  - Buff

Cochins are a very large bird, which has originated from China. And until very recently, they were all but extinct in Australia.

After many years of breeding, the breed has been recreated in Australia with various colours beginning to become available.

These are a very quite, gentle bird, which can make wonderful pets or backyard birds and lay limited numbers of pinkish tinted eggs.

They are easily contained, being slow, gentle giants with good mothering abilities.

Wilkamdai is currently working on both the white, black and blue cochin.  We will endeavour to provide further information as our breeding program progresses.

Belgium D'uccles  - Mille Fleur

The Belgium D'Uccles are a easily managed bantam breed which requires little space as they are not great wanderers.  

The Mille Fleur is one of the more beautiful of the colours available and are lovely to watch forage in the undergrowth.

The Belgium's are great little layers of small white eggs and are an excellent breed for children and smaller backyards.

They will go broody at various times throughout the year & are excellent mothers.

Houdan           -  Mottled & Self White  

With its unusual butterfly comb, five toes & a crest similar to the Polish,  the Houdan is considered a very pretty and exotic breed.

We have found it to be an extremely docile, easily handled bird, which is very fast growing and easy to look after.

The Houdan makes an excellent back yard chicken due to it’s very good laying ability, and is a very pretty bird to watch foraging in the garden.

It’s truly one of my favourite birds. And one I would recommend to the poultry enthusiast with limited room. 

If you would like more information,  click here to go to the Houdan page.

Polish -

Gold Laced Polish Cockeral

The Polish –or Poland breed

Whilst being reasonable layers, the Polish are a very endearing breed. They do not go broody, which is a bonus for those who are not interested in breeding.

The Polish is available in Australian in Self Black, Self Blue and Self White as well as White Crested Black, Blue & Cuckoo. Along with also the gold laced, silver laced & chamoise.  All colours can also be available in Frizzle!

Our Gold Laced Polish is one of the most popular varieties of Polish due to their beautiful plumage.

The roosters of the Gold Laced variety,  can come in two varieties, featured here is known as the standard cockerel, however, you can also get the rooster in the pullet feather version – i.e.,. They have the same markings as the pullets.

If you would like more information on this lovely breed, please contact the Crested Breeds Club of Australia ;

For more information on our Polish, simply click here to go to the Polish page.

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